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Medway Council:
The Cabinet (Executive)

The Cabinet : 9 Members
(Leader plus 8 other Portfolio Holders)

The Cabinet on Stairs

Medway's first Cabinet raise their sights for Medway's future

The Cabinet came into being on 1st October 2001. It is the "Strong Leader plus Cabinet" model, and comprises the Leader of Medway Council and nine so-called Portfolio Holders, all from the largest political group on the Council (currently the Conservative group).

After the May 2003 local election, and in the light of some eighteen months' experience of running the new system, the Cabinet was changed in some places and some Portfolio Holders changed. A second revision, to take account of new legislation requiring councils to have an integrated children's services structure, took effect from 1st August 2005. This Cabinet, which was at this time reduced from ten to nine members, was again changed in May 2006 when one of the then Portfolio Holders became Mayor of Medway.

A year later, after the local elections in May 2007, the Cabinet was increased in strength back to ten members to allow two Portfolio Holders to concentrate on the highest priorities of the time: community safety and children's social care.

The current Cabinet is shown below, with links to the individual portfolios and Portfolio Holders.

Unlike the Parliamentary Cabinet on which this structure is based, Medway's Cabinet, Council and Committees all meet in open session rather than behind closed doors. Public and press are welcome, although—as previously—any agenda items involving discussion of confidential information will need to be dealt with in closed session. These are dealt with last.

The Cabinet in session

Medway's revised Cabinet in session in late 2003

Click here to link to the Council's database of the Cabinet's decisions.

Below are the Cabinet members and their portfolios:

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Leader of the Cabinet

Cllr Rodney Chambers
Leader's Portfolio

Rodney Chambers, Leader
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Portfolio Holders

Cllr Alan Jarrett: (also Deputy Leader)
Finance Portfolio

Alan Jarrett
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Cllr Les Wicks:
Children's Services Portfolio

Les Wicks
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Cllr David Wildey:
Children's Social Care Portfolio

David Wildey
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Cllr Rehman Chishti:
Community Safety Portfolio

Rehman Chishti
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Cllr Tom Mason:
Adult Services Portfolio

Tom Mason
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Cllr Howard Doe:
Community Services Portfolio

Howard Doe
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Cllr Janice Bamber:
Customer First and Corporate Services Portfolio

Janice Bamber
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Cllr Phil Filmer:
Front-Line Services Portfolio

Phil Filmer
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Cllr Jane Chitty:
Strategic Development and Economic Growth

Jane Chitty
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