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Medway Councillor

Welcome to John Ward's Councillor Website!

This resource provides information on the political aspects of Medway Council, including members, wards, meetings and agendas. There is also a section devoted to Rochester South & Horsted ward matters. Not all possible information is included, as I have been requested to avoid any mention of one political group who do not wish to participate.

Most of the pages on this site have no party political emphasis, even though they are about political matters. The only exceptions are a few of the ward-specific pages: Issues, Newsletters, Speeches, Letters, and the monthly John's Jottings column.

Navigation of this site is easy using buttons and menus on the various pages; and even clicking on the top-of-page banner has a use—it brings you back to this front page. Clicking on this page's banner takes you back to the site's intro/news page instead.

Here are the Council-wide pages: These are the Rochester South & Horsted ward pages: These are my (John's) pages:

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