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Rochester South and Horsted ward:
Some Local Issues

Apart from routine Council and Committee work and personal cases, there are a number of issues that face us, both local to Rochester South & Horsted ward and Medway-wide.

Although no-one can satisfy the wishes of all of the people all of the time (that well-worn cliché!), we three ward Councillors (Sylvia, Nick and John) are doing whatever we can to meet the needs and wishes of our residents. I realise that all Councillors claim this, and none is a hundred percent successful, but we already have a good track record in the former Horsted ward, and we are building on this.

These are just some of the local issues we are handling:

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Although it is clear that not everything in the garden is rosy, at least we are doing everything humanly possible to do a cracking good job for the people of Medway.

There has been such a long period of neglect and decay that it will not be an overnight transformation, but over time we should see real recovery, as is already well begun on a wide range of topics.

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