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Former Councillor John Ward's Monthly "Jottings"
and Councillor Alan Jarrett's Columns

Linked from this page are monthly musings by me (John Ward) on various aspects of the political scene in Medway. You may find them interesting, perhaps even illuminating, or just a bit of relief from the drier material elsewhere in these pages. They open up in a separate browser window. As it is easier for visitors to find them listed in reverse date order, i.e. most recent first, this is how they are linked below.

These Jottings are purely personal comment, and do not necessarily or directly represent the policy of either the Conservative Party or the Conservative Group on Medway Council. They ceased when I stepped down from the Council in late March 2008 and no longer had what might be termed insider access within the council.

Note that I also write on other websites, including in particular Strood Conservatives and Alan Collins' blogsite, and after leaving the Council I write regularly on my 'blog.

Extra Feature!

I also have permission to reproduce some of Cllr Alan Jarrett's regular columns for a local newspaper.

John's Jottings for the year 2008:

John's Jottings for the year 2007:

John's Jottings for the year 2006:

John's Jottings for the year 2005:

John's Jottings for the year 2004:

John's Jottings for the year 2003:

John's Jottings for the year 2002:

John's Jottings for the year 2001:

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