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Former Councillor John Ward:
Letters to the Press

Here are some letters I have written to local newspapers, some of which have been printed and others have not.
Here you get the chance to read all that I tried to say, so you have the chance to make up your own mind as to their merits or otherwise—something that the press does not always provide...

Here are the topics covered in the letters:

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Rochester Airport

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Care Homes (Linked Service Centres)

This letter was sent to both Medway News and Medway Today by email on 21st September 2001 exposing the truth about the political football that the Labour Group on Medway Council made of the Linked Service Centres issue. This was printed by Medway News, but (surprise, surprise) not by Medway Today. Naturally, the letter from Cllr Bill Esterson was printed there, as his always are: draw your own conclusions. The proof of receipt of my email at Medway Today is here.
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The new Cabinet-style Council

The new political management system imposed on this and other local authorities throughout the country has generated a number of concerns. This letter, printed in Medway Messenger on Friday 26th October 2001 and Medway News on Friday 9th November 2001, seeks to answer some of those concerns.
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The Cozenton Park Incident

In response to a letter about this from a Labour Councillor (whom I had better not name or they will be most displeased!) I wrote this reply and this was printed in the Medway Messenger issue dated 28th June 2002.

Significantly, the Editor allowed a further response from the Labour Councillor who wrote the first letter, but then closed the subject. It is interesting who is allowed to have the last word, especially when one reads what that last letter says...

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Cliffe Airport

My take on the Cliffe Airport threat and trying to find out what happened to the Council's once-vast reserves, in response to others' letters. My letter is here.
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Medway's Budgets

This letter, published (in part) in both the Medway News and the Medway Messenger, covered the thorny topic of Medway's budget for 2004–2005 after severe cuts had been forced onto the Council to avoid capping by the government Minister.
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The future of No. 20 The Ridgeway

Following an article in the Medway News, I wrote this letter to fill in the gaps left of necessity by having to squeeze the article into a manageable size. The two together tell most of the story of this highly dubious (and very expensive) attempt by a local Trust to site a mental patients' hostel in an inappropriate location.
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Events and Tourism

In response to negative comments by the Liberal Democrats to events such as the forthcoming Cycle Race that is to come to Medway, I wrote this letter which was printed in the Medway News on Friday 30th June 2006.
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This letter, entitled simply "Gillingham", was sent to both local newspapers' letters pages in mid-March 2007. Neither has printed it this week.
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This letter, entitled "Don't be Vauge—Ask for Hauge", was in response to a "lifelong LibDem supporter"'s letter pointing out a typo on one of Mark Reckless's leaflets. This was printed, as was a letter from Mark Reckless himself.

On the matter of sale of scrubland behind Compass Close in Rochester, and in response to a Labour letter in the Medway Messenger, I wrote this reply, which was printed in the Monday 29th November 2004 edition.

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