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Rochester South and Horsted ward:

These are the ward-specific newsletters that we have written and delivered to the residents of Horsted ward. Although we have contributed to a number of constituency-wide newsletters and flyers, we put out our own only when necessary, believing that the results of our activities speak for themselves.

As a bonus, some of these on-line versions of our newsletters are in the form of web pages, containing links to more detailed information on some of the matters raised.

More recent ones are presented as JPEG images, which preserve the (nowadays more complex) design and layout of the printed versions. These will need sideways scrolling to view in their entirety on single-display computers, and they are quite large images too!

Summer 2007 (Image format, final design)

Autumn 2006 (Image format, final design)

Winter 2005–2006 (Image format, original design)

Summer 2003 (Web page format)

Winter 2002–2003 (Web page format)

Winter 2001–2002 (Web page format)

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