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Medway Council:
Medway's Ward Structure, Past and Present

This table shows how many seats and wards are represented by each of the political groups (including independents) after the May 2007 local elections, and for all previous elections to Medway Unitary Council. There were 80 seats contested in the 1997 and 2000 elections, reduced to 55 seats at all subsequent elections.

Note: any omission of party details is at the request of that party. Also, there have been several resignations and three by-elections since the all-out council elections in May 2007. The current seats held by party/group are currently (as at 12 August 2010):

  • Conservatives: 33 seats
  • Labour: 10 seats
  • Liberal Democrats: 7 seats
  • Independent Group: 4 seats
  • Independent Member: 1 seat

Conservatives' Torch logoConservative201135 seats in 16 wards(64% of the seats)
200733 seats in 15 wards(60% of the seats)
200330 seats in 13 wards(54% of the seats)
200038 seats in 16 wards(47% of the seats)
199720 seats in 11 wards(25% of the seats)
 Labour201115 seats in 8 wards(27% of the seats)
200713 seats in 6 wards(24% of the seats)
200317 seats in 7 wards(31% of the seats)
200025 seats in 11 wards(31% of the seats)
199739 seats in 21 wards(49% of the seats)
Liberal Democrats' Bird of Liberty logoLiberal Democrat20113 seats in 2 wards(5% of the seats)
20078 seats in 3 wards(15% of the seats)
20036 seats in 3 wards(11% of the seats)
200015 seats in 7 wards(19% of the seats)
199721 seats in 11 wards(26% of the seats)
 Independent20112 seats in 1 ward(4% of the seats)
20071 seat in 1 ward(2% of the seats)
20032 seats in 1 ward(4% of the seats)
20002 seats in 1 ward(3% of the seats)
19970 seats in 0 wards(0% of the seats)

The map below shows the political representation of each ward. Note that three wards (River, Strood North and Walderslade) have elected members from different parties—the key to the right of the map shows how these have been colour-coded. Click on a ward name for a page about that ward and its elected members:

Map of all wards from 2003 Chatham Central Cuxton and Halling Gillingham North Gillingham South Hempstead and Wigmore Lordswood and Capstone Luton and Wayfield Peninsula Princes Park Rainham Central Rainham North Rainham South River Rochester East Rochester South and Horsted Rochester West Strood North Strood Rural Strood South Twydall Walderslade Watling

Here are the new (i.e. post-May 2003) wards with Councillor/party information as at 12 August 2010:
Ward NameSeat(s)Political Group and Logo
Chatham Central3Labour 
Cuxton and Halling1ConservativeConservative Torch logo
Gillingham North2
Liberal Democrat
Independent Group
LibDem Bird of Liberty logo
Gillingham South3Liberal DemocratLibDem Bird of Liberty logo
Hempstead and Wigmore2ConservativeConservative Torch logo
Lordswood and Capstone2ConservativeConservative Torch logo
Luton and Wayfield1
Independent Group
Conservative Torch logo
Peninsula3ConservativeConservative Torch logo
Princes Park2ConservativeConservative Torch logo
Rainham Central3ConservativeConservative Torch logo
Rainham North2ConservativeConservative Torch logo
Rainham South3ConservativeConservative Torch logo
River2ConservativeConservative Torch logo
Rochester East2Labour 
Rochester South & Horsted2
Independent Member
Conservative Torch logo
Rochester West2ConservativeConservative Torch logo
Strood North2
Conservative Torch logo
Strood Rural3ConservativeConservative Torch logo
Strood South3ConservativeConservative Torch logo
Independent Group
Conservative Torch logo
Watling2Liberal DemocratLibDem Bird of Liberty logo

Below is a map showing the Medway Council area and each ward as they were prior to May 2003, coloured according to the political party of its ward councillors during the period May 2000–May 2003. If you click on any area you will be taken to the page about that old ward. Just moving your mouse pointer over the area will show (in your browser's status line or equivalent) the ward name, sometimes in abbreviated form, but it's easy enough to work out what it is.

Old wards All Saints Beechings Brompton Cuxton and Halling Earl Frindsbury Frindsbury Extra and Chattenden Gillingham North Gillingham South Hempstead and Wigmore Holcombe Hoo St Werburgh Hook Meadow Horsted Lordswood Luton North Dane Medway Parkwood Rainham Mark Priestfield Rainham Rede Court Riverside St Margarets (Rainham) St Margarets and Borstal Temple Farm Thames Side Town Troy Town Twydall Walderslade Warren Wood Watling Street Wayfield

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