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* * * News for 9th March 2007 * * *

All of Medway: 9th March 2007

Partnership Community Video Displays

Community TV Screens appear all over Medway

Twelve large plasma screens have been installed at strategic locations within Medway to provide community information and (if and when necessary) emergency messages. These are an excellent idea, and a lot of very useful information for Medway people (whether resident or not) will be shown.

There is also a selection of informative videos available direct from . Check out all the tabs, and the numerous video clips available from them: there is some really good and useful material there! We are very impressed with this whole scheme, and are so pleased that modern technology is now being put to such good and public service.

This truly is an excellent resource, covering topics from emergency services, through thr FRANK drugs helpline, to dealing with door-knockers and their verification. It just shows what can be achieved by that buzzword of today: partnership working. Whether it be noise control or off-road biking, healthy living or the thorny issue of anti-social behaviour in all its forms, the better informed the public is, the better the possibility of dealing with any and (perhaps!) all of these matters of genuine public concern.

We recommend it highly to all Medway residents and indeed anyone else.

Within our own ward, there is one of these displays at the Thomas Aveling School in Arethusa Road, Warren Wood, Rochester. We also benefit from having the award-winning Community Safety Street Team of Marco and Muriel looking after our patch, and it doesn't get much better than that!

In this far from perfect world, we need to have whatever we can muster on our side, and this latest addition is just another step in that overall direction. Use it: it's yours and ours, and the only folk who will not appreciate it are the criminals and other miscreants. Advantage us!

Some sample images from the videos...

01.jpg - 22Kb 02.jpg - 35Kb
03.jpg - 12Kb 04.jpg - 23Kb
05.jpg - 18Kb 06.jpg - 18Kb