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* * * News for 31st March 2007 * * *

Rochester South & Horsted: 31st March 2007

Roads More Road Repairs Arranged

Arethusa Road in Warren Wood, and three Davis Estate roads, all to be done soon

Continuing the ongoing programme of repairing roads and footpaths in the ward, ward councillors have arranged for the following roads to be dealt with during the new financial year which starts tomorrow:

As in previous years, this programme of work deals with problems we have discovered in the new areas of the ward that we acquired after the boundary changes in 2003, as well as needs in the traditional Horsted ward area.

The above roads have all been agreed with—and confirmed by—the Portfolio Holder responsible for this work.

This work is planned strategically, to be done at the best time and in the most appropriate manner. This can be contrasted with some other wards (including neighbouring Rochester East) which arrange such works on a primarily electoral basis, such as the slightly premature (but immediately pre-election) work on the northern half of City Way, now being dug up in part just weeks after having been resurfaced...

Meanwhile, we are already planning next year's schedule, and hope to include Dale Street in Chatham—if we can get co-operation from the Labour members in the adjoining ward, as most of this road is in that ward.