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All of Medway: 10th April 2007

Election Medway Local Elections Are Go!

Candidates for the Medway Council elections are officially announced today.

Today the candidates for the various political parties (and Independents) standing in the 2007 local elections to contest the 55 seats in Medway's 22 wards have been announced. These include the usual Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrat candidates (though, interestingly, the LibDems are not contesting 20 of the 55 seats—that's over a third).

There are the usual players, including the handful of British National Party (BNP) candidates that we first encountered last time, back in 2003. Once again the UK Independence Party (UKIP) is standing just one candidate in each of most (but not all) wards, and this time the new Medway Independent Party (MIP) is doing much the same, with a total of 17 candidates. There are also three English Democrats (ED). It all goes to make the campaign more interesting...

The table below shows the number of candidates from each political party/independent who will be standing in each ward, and how many seats there are in each ward. The parties are listed alphabetically, with Independents (and the Independent Group separately) at the right, in order to show no favour:
All Wards -->5535535535171626
Chatham Central3-3-331---
Cuxton and Halling1-1-1-1---
Gillingham North3-3-33-1--
Gillingham South313-33-1--
Hempstead and Wigmore2-2-22-1-2
Lordswood and Capstone2-212-11--
Luton and Wayfield3-313-1---
Princes Park21212-2---
Rainham Central3-3-33-1-2
Rainham North2-2-2211--
Rainham South3-3-3311--
Rochester East2-2-2-11--
Rochester South & Horsted3-3-3311--
Rochester West2-2-2-21--
Strood North3-3-33-1--
Strood Rural3-3-3-21--
Strood South3-3-3-----

For information: the present political make-up of Medway Council is as follows:

There is currently also one vacancy. .