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* * * News for 12th July 2007 * * *

All of Medway (and beyond!): 12th July 2007

Warning National Security Alert Status

Check current level of the UK's security alert on this website

As an additional service, this website now has the following display of the country's current security alert status:

Click for the Current Threat Level

Especially following recent events, and the discovery of a terror suspect in our midst here in Medway, it is important that we are all aware of the assessment of probability of terrorist attack at all times. With the kind permission of Mike Rouse to use his graphics, and the Home Office's own on-line alert mechanism, I have been able to easily incorporate this warning into every main page of this website (i.e. the top-level pages accessed from the banner or the blue buttons). It appears at top-left, just below the website's banner.

As always, be aware that you might already have one or more of these pages in your web browser's cache, so it is worth clicking the Page Reload button to ensure you have the up-to-date situation. Clicking on the graphic itself takes you to that Home Office web page on the current threat level.