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All of Medway: 22nd September 2007

EU European Union Referendum Rally

Excellent Turnout for Rally in Medway about the EU Referendum Question.

At a fairly-well-publicised event at the Mathematical School in Rochester this morning, more than sixty local residents gave up their Saturday morning to attend a rally about the proposed European Union treaty—the old discredited Constitution in another guise—and to find out not only what it would mean for Medway (and Britain as a whole) but also what the nationwide mood is in respect of this so-called treaty.

Well, the second part is easy: at least three-quarters of this nation's electors would vote against. the Treaty—that is well-known and has been widely reported, and undoubtedly why those who have their own agenda don't want us to have a say on the matter.

The Treaty itself is essentially the same as the Constitution that was rejected by two other Member States only a year or so ago. The clues are in the question: what more would it take to transform the current arrangement into a Superstate? There are four:

All four of these are embedded in this Treaty!

Therefore, this is the European Superstate, just waiting for an acquiescent populace to simply let it happen. Don't fall into this trap! We all need to register our demand for a referendum at the very least.

Dan Hannan at Rochester The I want a referendum website is one way to record a vote in favour of a referendum, as is the on-line petition available for signing either on-line or via a postal coupon at The Daily Telegraph. I have done both.

As became clear at the rally, the best way forward for Britain is to be like Norway, Iceland, Switzerland and Lichtenstein. The four most prosperous countries in Europe are not full members of the European Union, but what are termed Associate Members, and Britain would be far better off in the same situation. That is the way I personally would recommend this country goes, though I accept that the only realistic way this could happen would be under a Conservative government, who have at least guaranteed that all-important referendum.

All this was very eloquently explained to those attending the rally by the ever-excellent Daniel Hannan, MEP (pictured on the right) who is well-known for his insight and no-nonsense stance on matters European.

So, it's now up to you—all of you, bar none! Register your wishes in a way that will at least be counted, using the links I have provided above. I really hope that something good will come of this; but it needs everyone's input to avoid being conveniently sidelined. We do count for something, but only if we put our heads above the parapet. Go for it!

Oh, and just out of interest: an equally well-publicised event on another Saturday morning some months ago, by the Labour councillors for Rochester East, was attended by fewer than a dozen people, and that was on the equally large topic of community safety and crime. There's a message in there somewhere...