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* * * News for 16th October 2007 * * *

Rochester South and Horsted ward: 16th October 2007

Partnership with the Police Violent Crime Down

"Violence against the Person" almost halved in our Ward

At a presentation by Police Inspector David Coleman (no, not that one!) to the Business Support Scrutiny Committee this evening, reduction statistics for the category of violence against the person were given for the wards of all members of the committee, as a percentage down from last year's figures.

In Rochester South & Horsted ward, the reduction was no less than 39·8%—the largest reduction in Medway, and not far off a halving of this rather nasty category of criminal activity in just one year!

This comes as little surprise to your Ward Councillors, who have been working with residents, organisations, traders and the police for years to change the culture within our ward for the better, despite the weakness of the Government's approach to the whole subject of crime over the past ten years. We don't make a splash about it in the newspapers, partly in accordance with residents' wishes not to have their localities publicised, preferring to work behind the scenes to help facilitate crime reduction within the ward in a number of ways.

Councillor John Ward, as vice-chairman of the Scrutiny Committee, asked the Police Inspector to provide a written version of his detailed verbal report, including a trend analysis for the past few years so that we can truly see where we are going. Any valuable information concerning our ward that can be made public will be posted here once this information is received by us.

Cllr Sylvia Griffin & David Davis Following this, the next evening, Shadow Home Secretary David Davis joined more than 70 local Conservatives for a dinner in the Chatham and Aylesford parliamentary constituency. Both Councillor Sylvia Griffin and Councillor John Ward were there, while our third member, Councillor Nick Brice, was substituting for Sylvia at a Scrutiny committee meeting—otherwise he would have been there too!

Sylvia is pictured here with the Rt. Hon. David Davis and Chatham and Aylesford's prospective parliamentary candidate Tracey Crouch.

What David Davis told us about the present situation in this country regarding crime and immigration resonated well with us all, based on our own experiences as well as what is reported elsewhere.

It all served to emphasize just how important it is for Britain's society that the ineffective approach to these key issues by the present national government be replaced by the far more responsible and competent attitude and policies of the Conservatives. What a tragedy it is, then, that Gordon Brown didn't have the courage to call a General Election at this time! We could have been on the brink of turning this country around in terms of crime and other vitally important issues.

Now we shall have to wait another eighteen months or so, in all probability; but at least here in our ward the situation is a lot better than in many other places, and improving all the time.