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* * * News for 1st November 2007 * * *

Rochester South and Horsted ward: 1st November 2007

Post Office logo Shirley Avenue Post Office Counter Closes

Out-of-the-blue decision removes the Davis Estate's Post Office facility

Seemingly coming from nowhere, a decision by the owner of the News Plus shop to cease running the Post Office counter has rather abruptly left Davis Estate residents (and numerous others who have used this facility over the years) without a local Post Office. Note that this is not one of the four Medway Post Offices being closed by the parent organisation in the current tranche—it is in addition to those.

Unfortunately, Ward Councillors were not informed of this decision, and found out only through our network of "eyes and ears" just days before the originally-stated date of closure. In the event, that closure came two days earlier than had been stated in a notice by the counter.

Once we were made aware of the situation, little more than a week ago, we set about pursuing alternatives that would ensure our residents were not left without easily-accessible Post Office facilities.

The actions we have taken so far include:

There will be further news here as and when the situation changes and we can report developments.