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Welcome to my "Cats Together Patch".

Here are some piccies of my cats in pairs or groups.

I have 14 cats living with me in Patch Towers, and their spokescat is Oscar.

Click on any of the cats in the image below and you will be taken to a page on that cat. Clicking on the background takes you straight to my Cats Alone page.

Click on any of the small piccies below and a full-size version will appear in its own window,
with a few words about it.

Oscar and Cheyenne

Baby Love
Baby Love
Oscar and Cheyenne
Oscar loves Cheyenne...
Oscar and Cheyenne
...and Cheyeene loves Oscar


Group of 7 Cats
Group of 7 Cats
Cat graphicWhose Tail?
Whose Tail?

There are more pictures to come, so revisit this page regularly or look for announcements
in the uk.rec.pets.misc newsgroup!

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