Davis Estate Residents' Association, Chatham (DERAC)

DERAC logo At the heart of the Davis Estate (Registered Charity No. 294242)

The Davis Estate is a fairly large housing estate of some 1,300 residences in 21 roads, tucked away from the main road between Chatham and Maidstone in Kent. It was created in the mid-1950s. The map below shows the layout of the estate and where we are.

Map of the Davis Estate

The now-defunct Residents' Association for many years dealt with the needs and wishes of those living on the estate, and owned and ran their own Community Centre, a well-appointed hall and related facilities situated at the heart of the Davis Estate. The Davis Estate Community Centre (DECC), located as shown on the above map, has its own bar and kitchen facilities, a large car parking space (for 28 cars) and is one of the best such facilities in the area.

For reasons to do with the Community Centre's charitable status, it became desirable in 2002 to separate the two functions of running the Centre and looking after residents' wider interests, so DERAC was dissolved with effect from 31st March 2002. The broader range of functions have been taken on by the Action on Davis Estate (ADE), a usually dormant outfit that can spring into action when a major issue affecting the Davis Estate community arises.

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