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John and Scooter's Guestbooks

Here are our Guestbooks. Please feel free to contribute to either (or both!) of them. Rather than using one of those guestbook services (which would, among other things, rely on their system being up and running, and their server not being overloaded) I have simply provided email links, and I'll post your messages here.

Note that this way you can also supply a small photograph of yourself, or other graphic, for inclusion in your entry in the Guestbook. The size I am using is 85 pixels wide in standard JFIF (JPEG) format; but you can send more or less anything (i.e. any format, any size) and I should be able to use it.


John's Guestbook


HughHugh from London, England17th September 2001Interesting, diverse and dare I say it, didactic site. RISC-OS, Class 52 locomotives (always one of my favourites) to God. Phew. Keep it up.

Steve ElliottSteve Elliot from Britain8th October 2001John, a pleasure to be able to sign your guestbook - its a great way to show my enjoyment of you're site and it's contents ;) [note to people who do not know me... I am aware that the its/it's are incorrect, as is the you're....]. Keep up the good work, both here and in the apihna Arms!...

Danny a.k.a. L'Enfant SauvageDanny a.k.a. L'Enfant Sauvage12th October 2001John,
Full of cold, sleepless, miserable, bored, I visited your site (not before time). I loved it. Feel much better now. (Not sure about the _lemon dip_ plagiarism, though :oP)
A beautiful place: full of love, compassion _and_ humour[1]. I always thought that was only a Jewish trait :o)

[1] US: humor

John's reply:(Re: feetnote {1] ) — Ah yes, of course...
Many thanks for your kind words.

Martha BlackstockMartha Blackstock from Kent, England9th November 2001Hello John,
I have not seen you at "Asda" for sometime to greet the "Asda" customers. I miss your cheerful welcoming grin that greets us. One would find life so very boring, if one had to do one's shopping without warm feeling that surrounds you in the store. I look forward to seeing you sometime in the near future,
Best Wishes you and your cats. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your website, I can not wait for more information to appear on your website.

Jeffery DagoblinJeffery Dagoblin from Britain19th November 2001Hi John, thought I would come and see your site as I saw it on the btinternet newsgroup - I think its great! I especially like scooter's scratchings!
John's reply:Many thanks for that: I'll let him know.

Jo LawrenceJo Lawrence from the Medway Towns, Kent22nd February 2002John
It was good to talk to you properly for the first time at Alpha on Wednesday. I'm delighted you gave me your website address – I didn't expect it to be so interesting. (I share your interest in trains, as well as cats, though I missed the Western era.) Nor did I expect our first Alpha session to be mentioned. I was delighted at just how lovely the people in the group are, and to feel God working so well with us already. I'm really looking forward to next week.

DoraPam Clarke from Britain3rd July 2002I spent a pleasant hour or so mooching about your website and found it very interesting.

You really wouldn't want a picture of me in your guest book scaring people so I enclose someone much prettier. Her name is "Pandora".

Steve HarrisonSteve Harrison2nd September 2002Hi John,
My name's Steve Harrison and was a TOPS clerk from '75 to 2002. Enjoyed your site very much.
For the record :- Western locos on TOPS never did use 52023 etc. We always did our ' E3 1' (loco enquiry) just using their loco number 1023 without the D.
John's reply:Thanks for the info: I've corrected the Westerns page.

Jenny ManJenny Man18th May 2005Hi John,
I don't know if you remember me from the days working with you in the DTI,( the chinese girl) it is a small world, as I have also moved down to the Medway Towns,(Gillingham) for the last 10 years. I was reading the local paper when I recognise your photo. I was talking to Stuart (which you may remember him) and he told me about this website. It is good to see you being active in your local area.
John's reply:Yes, of course I remember you: how could I ever forget? I remember everyone from those six years I was your IT support in DTI South-East (later GOL).

Robert MooreRobert Moore18th December 2005Hello John,
The jokes on your '/personal/john/english' page gave me reason to grin, and though it seems you have been a little too busy to update you guestbook page for a while, I thought sending you a brief mail to say "thanks" would do no harm at all.
On your website you complain about Microsoft dominance. I use the Kubuntu Breezy Badger distribution of Linux/KDE over here in Oslo and find it interesting and cost-effective, though I could never say "worth every penny" as it has proved much more valuable than the únil it cost. Have you tried or thought of trying Linux?
John's reply:Thanks for your message. I've thought of Linux, but it's still essentially a "techie" OS and, as I have the best user interface on planet Earth, I don't really want to change.
It would be more-or-less impossible to migrate my files anyway, as there is no Linux version of such apps as Ovation-Pro, TechWriter, Impact (database) and several others that have their own file formats. .

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Scooter's Guestbook


John WardJohn Ward (test)3rd June 2001This is just a test/example message, to show how this will work. Hiya Scooter!

Marcus ChambersMarcus Chambers23rd July 2001Dear Scooter, nice to make your acquaintance the other day. I am partial to a bit of cheese myself, so am pleased we share something in common. Also my late father adopted a cat, we called 'blackie' and he was a huge 'drooler' when he was being stroked under and around the chin--sound familiar...

Yours, Marcus.

TooptiToopti16th October 2001Hi Scooter

I am only new at using the Internet and it's difficult for me as my paws are too big and hit several keys at once. So I just lie on the keyboard and hope something that makes sense comes out of it.
I like your scratchings and agony columns - I see you've got excellent facilities and well trained humans. My human is also setting up a web site but she is hindered quite a lot by us (me and Fizz) so it is not progressing very much. I will make sure there are pics of us for you to see.
Keep up the good work.

Toopti from Tankersley, Yorkshire.

Scooter's reply:Oh yes: well, one human. Useful that, as I don't have to share him with another human, which most others do. The web site address will be great. If you like, I'll provide a link from here for others to visit your picture gallery. I'll also do the same for your email address if you wish it, or not if that is what you prefer. I notice you don't (yet?) have your own email address. I must admit I am very proud of mine.

DollyDolly19th November 2001Hi scooter, hows it going? I like your part of the site, you'll have to visit my human's site! He's trying to find me a good home!
keep up the good work!
Scooter's reply:Oh! Aren't you happy where you are? You seem to have several humans to fuss you and make sure your dishes are always full. I sometimes have to wait a while for John to come home from work. As he is the only slave I have, I am unwilling to share him with any other cats, though we do get the occasional short-term visitor stay here on the way to a new home.

JeanneJeanne7th September 2002Well, you are a handsome fellow, aren't you? Looks like you're now living the "Life of Riley" which you obviously rightly deserve!!
Congrats on your new home chockful of delightful places to explore and fun things to do. Take care!!.

MaureenMaureen from Georgia, USA8th November 2002It was a comfort to stumble apon your website. We "lost" our beloved Scooter last night to the next life. He was a beautiful persian, so adored by our family. Reading your posts, especially your last scratching, was comforting.
It helped me to imagine what our Scooter might have written about his life with us. I'd like to think you two have already met and are sharing funny human stories about us.
Thanks, John, for sharing your loving tribute.

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