Guide to this Website

This Guide is a short introduction to the way these web pages are laid out and how to navigate the John and Scooter website. Links to this Guide are provided via a blue button on each of the four areas' main pages and on our home page.

Many of the pages look something like the example below, shown here displayed in the Fresco web browser:

Example Web page

This diagram shows the features common to all the main pages (most of the pages on the site are like this): only the smaller "pop-up" pages and a few areas that are still being updated differ from this format. These features are:

Longer pages have a text-link menu at the top so that you can quickly skip to any part of the page, and further text links marked Go to top of page to take you back to the top of the page's content (i.e. just below the John and Scooter banner): this Guide has a couple, including the one just below this sentence.

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Pop-up Browser window

Smaller pages, especially those that just give additional information (there are several of these in the Council area, for example, such as agendas and explanations) pop up in a separate browser window. This example is being displayed in theOregano web browser.

These pop-up pages do not have the usual navigation buttons. Just close or minimise this window when you wish to return to the previous page.

If you have visited our website before and have bookmarked pages within the site, you might find that those links no longer work. It was necessary to tidy up the file structure, so some pages have moved. In such cases you will need to select the page(s) you want from the main menu for that area and re-bookmark. I am sorry for any inconvenience, but I couldn't sensibly avoid making these changes. As it happens I have managed to keep the Council/Councillor pages where they were.

John M Ward (Webmaster)
Just close this browser window when you have finished with this Guide, or click here to go to our home page..

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