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My Christian Faith

The Light of the World
"I am the light of the world." (John 8:12)

My beliefs centre around positive Christianity as exemplified by the "possibility thinking" outlook of Dr Robert Schuller, whose world-wide ministry grew from a former drive-in cinema to the present televised "Hour of Power" services from the fabulous Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove, Orange County, California—the eighth wonder of the world. These services are shown here in the UK on Sky One at 7 am (except when Europe's clocks are an hour out of step with ours) every Sunday.

During recent years my faith has been strengthened, especially when I realised something that happened to me was God's way of guiding me along the path that would be most fulfilling and would be for my ultimate good. There is not the slightest doubt in my mind that He guided me to this place where I now live, knowing that I would be needed here for several purposes; for example, the Residents Association, the Kent Talking Newspapers, the Rochester Airport campaign, Medway Council, and a number of personal matters.

As there is no proper church here on the Estate or within easy walking distance, and because I have been so impressed by them, I now go to the Chatham Corps of the Salvation Army for their Sunday evening services in Chatham town, for which purpose the Army kindly provide a minibus service. More details and some pictures here.

I am now an adherent of the Chatham Corps, which means I belong to our Corps but am not (yet!) a full soldier-in-uniform, though our Major is of the strong opinion that I should seriously think about becoming a Soldier.

As the Lord has done so many good and indeed great things in my life, and helped me along this sometimes tricky path I tread, I have created an on-line Book of Blessings, which is a kind of diary recording God's wonderful deeds in my life. You could do worse than keep your own record, though probably in a less public form!

Who is the Lord? He is the living Christ, meaning "the anointed one".

Here are some Words of Inspiration. See if they lift your spirit today.

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