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Last updated on: Thursday 12th September 2002

I and my good friends at the Chatham Corps of the Salvation Army request your prayers for the following. Please support us if you feel that you can: it is the greatest power we can access, and it achieves so much, as we at the Chatham Corps have witnessed on so many occasions.

These pages contain the following:

Where appropriate there are further details linked from the person's name –
  • Carol Foster in Kankakee, Illinois suffers from chronic clinical depression. The treatments are not working, and on top of this her mother has been diagnosed with cancer. 7th September 2002
  • Bob and Denise Barham Hall and son Nicholas: Nicholas absconded from hospital (where he was being treated for depression) in Bristol and was severely injured in a car accident. He is making physical improvement, and we can pray that he will recover both physically and from his depression, and that the family will cope throughout this traumatic time. 6th September 2002
  • Czech Republic floods The relief work will be lengthy, and the link shows some recent photos taken at the scene. 1st September 2002
  • Muriel has just been diagnosed with Cancer in the muscle behind the eye, at the moment it is not sure what treatment will be given but chemo has been mentioned. 30th July 2002
  • Cindy, wife of Gary Hogan, has been diagnosed with stage 4 cervical cancer, and her chances for survival are very slim. She was pregnant with their second child and had miscarried at 5 months and now it is clear why. 25th July 2002
  • Annie and her family who attend the Singapore Central Corps of the Salvation Army. Baby Titus was born in mid-February by Caesarian and was in intensive care because of kidney problems, a hole in the heart and a palate disorder that meant he sucked too much liquid into his lungs. A miracle has now happened! Updated: 26th July 2002
  • Joy, a dear friend of Pamela, recently experienced severe pain and was rushed to hospital where they discovered three tumours in her abdomen region. She has had her ovaries, appendix and lower bowel removed and as can be imagined is desperately ill. 23rd July 2002
  • Two Salvation Army Officers from Brazzaville in the Congo. Periodic first-hand accounts from a troubled part of the world. Updated: 21st June 2002
  • Lefroy House Social Service Centre in Dublin, Ireland requests our prayers, especially on Tuesday 18th June at 10am when the health board in Dublin will be looking at a proposal for funding. 16th June 2002
  • 17-year-old Simon Goosey, son of Willenhall Corps Secretary Joan, was involved in an accident on his motorbike on Tuesday 11th June and is unconcious in hospital. His injuries are said to be non life threatening and he should wake up in the next two or three weeks. 14th June 2002
  • Vincent Wilson of Chatham Citadel has prostate problems, for which he is now taking pills, but the original diagnosis of a tumour on the bowel has not been confirmed so he will return to the specialist in mid-July. Updated: 12th June 2002
  • John Davis of Chatham Citadel collapsed and was taken into Medway hospital after having suffered a huge loss of blood. He is now out of hospital and on the way to full recovery, and there is no need for surgery. Excellent news! Updated: 12th June 2002
  • Blue ShieldersPhillip and Jean Harris of Halesowen, West Midlands are going through the trials of Jean's cancer and a recent operation for this, as well as Phil's own medical problems. 12th June 2002
  • George Chaney of Newington has been bereaved of his mother. 6th June 2002
  • Gladys Selling of Upchurch has lost the sight in one eye. 6th June 2002
  • Pat Collet has recently been in hospital for treatment, and is now about to undergo a course of chemotherapy; and—along with her strong will—would benefit from our prayers right now. 8th June 2002
  • Callum, the six-year-old grandson of Alan Bell from Gloucester Salvation Army, has been found to be almost blind in one eye. 6th June 2002
  • Pauline Mercer of Bexleyheath Corps and a member of the International Staff Songsters was this day killed in a road traffic accident. Please remember her family in prayer. 24th May 2002
  • Major Marjorie Norledge, Secretary at the International College for Officers in South London, has just been diagnosed with breast cancer and has today gone to the Royal Marsden Hospital. Marjorie is obviously anxious at this time and needs concentrated prayer over this next few weeks as she tries to come to terms with this terrible shock. 15th May 2002
  • Dawn and the twins: Dawn, only daughter of Florence and Trevor Hagglestein of Sunderland Monkwearmouth, recently gave birth to twin daughters. The babies were induced and weighed only two pounds each, but are healthy. However Dawn had heart and liver failure and was on life support for a few days, but has now come off life-support and—though not yet out of danger—is making progress. The twins are making satisfactory progress, and are now breathing by themselves. Updated: 15th May 2002
  • Ben (aged 18) and Caitlin (15) Bale are both less than a hundred percent. Ben will be sidelined for the next three to four months, owing to recent glandular fever and a spell in hospital, though Caitlin is now a lot better after being in a different hospital and is even able to return to school. Updated: 12th May 2002
  • Ron Symonds has been bereaved of his brother, Eric, who used to play in the Chatham Citadel Band some years ago. 5th May 2002
  • Gladys Milgate is in hospital and very poorly. 21st April 2002
  • Kitty Tucker is in Ward B3 of Medway Hospital. 20th April 2002
  • Majors Russell and Febe Pipe, from Italy, ask for prayers for Febe whose condition continues to improve after her liver transplant a couple of months ago. The latest news is here. Updated: 16th April 2002
  • Two requests from a member of our Prayer Group in the USA:
    1. Julie, a neighbour and friend of the requester, is waiting for the results of tests for ovarian cancer.
    2. Other neighbours, Kathy and Derek, who are in Bulgaria and have been given a little girl to adopt. They are just waiting for all the papers to come back to say that they can take her home. 19th March 2002
  • Laura from Vancouver Island, Canada, who has been diagnosed as having cancer in the neck. The situation is more serious than was first thought and treatment is ongoing. Let us pray that this 21-year-old will have a long and happy life. 18th March 2002
  • Basil, a cousin of a Salvationist in the USA about whom she is concerned. Basil was rushed into hospital on 1st march with a heart attack, and he now has renal and kidney failure. The latest news is that he is comfortable and getting better. 4th March 2002
  • Christian workers in Malawi. Please read about the events and situations they are encountering. 2nd March 2002
  • Percy Broomfield recently received hospital care for an ongoing medical problem. Updated: 6th June 2002
  • Connie Barton's daughter has been diagnosed as having cancer of the spine, and the prognosis is distinctly bad. Updated: 17th February 2002
  • Philip Hales' father passed away on 7th February at the age of 80. Philip and Christine would appreciate our prayerful support at this time. 13th February 2002
  • Sam, the son-in-law of a Chatham Corps Songster, has returned to England from Mali with what has now been diagnosed at malaria: this is serious though not dangerous, and his is on quinine and glucose drips and oxygen. He is improving every day. Please pray for Sam and his wife, Pippa, who is with him in Manchester Hospital. Updated: 7th February 2002
  • A Chatham Songster's sister, Ann, is going for an operation on 7th March to have steel pins inserted to keep the discs in her spine separated. (The discs are crumbling). The surgeon has cautioned her that the operation is not always successful. 6th February 2002
  • Jo Morris has now come out of hospital, and as far as the surgeons can tell, all the cancer has been taken away. Updated: 6th February 2002
  • Betty Young, a life-long Salvationist of Dundee Central Corps, Scotland, will be 93 this month (February 2002) and is facing losing her independence with the possibility of entering a residential care home. Betty has impaired vision and mobility difficulties, and her only son (Ernie, a member of our prayer group) is resident in California: naturally he concerned for his mother. 4th February 2002
  • Malcolm Doyle, a Salvation Army Officer, has been admitted to hospital with breathing problems. 2nd February 2002
  • Audrey Holder and Frankie Kember, whose mother, Ethel Wood, was promoted to Glory on 23rd January. 2nd February 2002 (Update)
  • Sue's brother Paul, who is scheduled to have major surgery on Monday 4th February. 1st February 2002
  • Joyce Graham, a Soldier of a Corps in the USA, had cancer for a while and was promoted to Glory in Christmas week 2001. Please read the notes about this request. 10th January 2002 (Update)
  • Three-year-old Taylor Roberts has Leukæmia, and is in remission. Her treatment will have to continue at the rate of five times per week for two years. 8th January 2002 (Update)
  • Request from Sutton: A lady in Sutton corps works with another Christian lady whose daughter (aged around 19-20) was murdered in October last year. The lady is desperately trying to hold on to her faith and behave as God would have her, but is finding the whole thing—as you would expect—a terrible ordeal. She is glad of any prayer support she can possibly get. 7th January 2002
  • Peter Bossom passed away on 2nd January 2002. His family (including Julie Lenton, Steve, Julie's mum and brother) need our prayers please. 3rd January 2002
  • Salvationists in America: a family who were caught up in the trouble in Afghanistan and were expelled. Their violent treatment has caused them all real trauma. 2nd January 2002
  • Graham, the Officer in charge of Hastings Corps, and his wife Angie who is due to give induced birth any day now as she has a condition that could result in a still-birth. 1st January 2002
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