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On this page are the following:

Picture of the Chatham Citadel As there is no proper church here on the Estate or within easy walking distance, and because I have been so impressed by them ever since they came to this estate for a service in our Community Centre in March 2000, I now go to the Salvation Army Sunday evening services in Chatham town, for which purpose the Army kindly provide a minibus service. I even help crew the minibus on occasion: not driving, of course, but operating the doors, fold-down steps and powered tail-lift. I even bring a brolly and torch when I think they might be necessary...

The Citadel doesn't look all that amazing from the outside, but is excellent inside. The Chatham Corp's songsters and band are both very good, and the people are great. We hold the world-famous Alpha course at the Citadel twice a year: I went on the last one, but Council business meant I missed a few weeks, so I shall go again later this year!

The Chatham Corps is very active, and here is the current diary of forthcoming events: there is certainly a lot going on!

In conclusion, I can thoroughly recommend the Army as an enjoyable form of worship as well as a true force for doing everyday good in the world (107 countries now!) in so many ways.

I have recently become an adherent, which is a way of belonging to the Corps without actually becoming a fully-fledged Soldier. Here is my certificate, awarded to me on 8th July 2001.

I ask you, if you will, to pray for those mentioned in the list on the Prayer Request page.

Now here's a curiosity: many of the Chatham Corps' members and regulars have "wood" somewhere in their surname. I have no idea why this is, but here are just some of them:

  • Wood: Peter, Cath, Sam, Steve and Tracy (though Steve, married to Tracy, is not directly related to her or the other Woods!) and more whose names have changed through marriage
  • Woodhouse: Heather, Paul and Ruth, and Jamie
  • Woodman: Carl and Carolynn
  • Horwood: Adrian, Carole, Rachel and Lisa
  • Lockwood: Nigel, Christine, David and Jonathon
  • Westwood: Malcolm and Angela (our Majors)

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Here are some pictures I have taken plus photos of Jordan and Jamie Woodhouse that were kindly supplied via email by Major M Westwood:

(Click on the thumbnail or link for a full-size version)
Our very special baby: Jordan Oliver Woodhouse
Jordan Oliver Woodhouse
Paul and Ruth's very special baby, now with Jesus
Jamie Michael Woodhouse
Jamie Michael Woodhouse
Paul and Ruth's second baby
Our Major at the Alpha course's Awayday
Our Major in casual attire
at the Autumn 2000 Alpha course's "Awayday"

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A View from the Gallery

Neil Robinson, Gary Lee and Company
Neil Robinson, Gary Lee etc.
doing their own thing
Victoria and Mary
Victoria Page & Mary Goodhew
becoming Junior Soldiers
Young People's performance
The Young People
performing one of their routines

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The Primary

The Primary performing a William Booth item
The Primary
performing as William Booth and family
Santa visits the Primary
Santa visits the Primary
Chris with the Primary
Chris Boughton with the Primary

Louise Jacobs becomes a Senior Soldier

Louise 1Louise 2Louise 3Louise 4

Alpha Course "Days Away"

Alpha Day Away 2001
Autumn 2001
Alpha Day Away Spring 2002
Spring 2002

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