RISC OS Computers: My Set-up

Me with my Acorn RiscPC

Me with my two-slice RiscPC, now in second place to my IYONIX and dual-screen display.

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The following pictures are of my den, sometimes known as Mission Control—with good reason!

Left side of the Den

Left side of den: two-slice Acorn RiscPC, monitoring fax and voice telephone lines

Middle of the Den

Middle of den: Portable, and Iyonix with Geminus twin display

Right side of the Den

Right side of den: Wintel computer and synths

Now we travel around the house...

Bedroom single-slice RiscPC, linked to the cable television system for video capture purposes. This machine also contains a PC card, and an older Operating System for playing games that don't work on later versions.

Single-slice RiscPC in bedroom

The miniscule A9home, from Advantage6, which lives downstairs. It is linked to the other RISC OS computers via a very long UTP network cable!


Portable computer in Council Chamber

Portable computer running Virtual-RPC in use in the Council Chamber

By contrast, the only Microsoft machine, running Windows-XP, consumes vast amounts of power, generates a lot of heat and noise, and requires a whole range of tools to keep it clear of nasties. The desktop icons visible in the screenshot below (click on the image for the full-size version) shows that not only do I have a registry cleaner, anti-virus guard and no fewer than four syware/adware removal tools (as none of them gets 'em all!) I also have pop-up stopping software for web browsers (most notably Microsoft's browser, though it is hardly ever run here) and, just to be really safe, all five Guardians of the Veil on the backdrop(!) Yes, I am even protected via the five elements: Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Quintessence, the fifth element; but even all of that doesn't seem to keep the machine clear, especially after a visitor has had a go on it!
My Win-XP desktop - small

Spinning RiscPC image

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