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John's Favourite Music

My favourite music tends to have a high "tingle factor", as some call it, and comes from several categories. I don't usually like songs, generally preferring to keep words and music separate, but there are exceptions.

Here are some examples of my favourite pieces, in no particular order. First, tunes without words:

  • Jupiter (mid-section) from The Planets Suite — Holst
  • Aquarium from Carnival of the Animals Suite — Saint-Saens
  • Anitra's Dance (from Peer Gynt) — Grieg
  • Symphony No. 6, end of First Movement (theme from ITV's A Family At War series) — Vaughan-Williams
  • Legend of the Glass Mountain — Nino Rota
  • The Dream of Olwen — ? Williams
  • Oxygène Parts 4, 6, 7, 8, 10 and 13 and many other works — Jean-Michel Jarre
  • Babylon 5 first series main theme — Christopher Franke
  • Babylon 5: Chrysalis Part 4 — Christopher Franke
  • Babylon 5: Messages from Earth — Christopher Franke
  • Earth: Final Conflict main theme — Micky Erbe / Maribeth Solomon
  • Crockett's Theme (from the TV series Miami Vice) — Jan Hammer
  • The Lonely Shepherd — James Last, featuring Gheorghe Zamfir
  • Apache (performed by The Shadows) — Lordan
  • Beautiful Land (performed by The Shadows) — Lordan
Now for the songs. First, Christian. Various works (too many to list) by:
  • Graham Kendrick (especially The Servant King, Shine, Jesus, Shine and Knowing You, Jesus)
  • Fanny Crosby
  • Albert Orsborn
  • William Booth (especially Send the Fire!)
  • Charles Wesley
  • Philip Paul Bliss Man of Sorrows
  • ?: I Go in the Strength of the Lord
Finally, non-Christian type songs:
  • Turtle Dove — Vaughan-Williams
  • The Model — Kraftwerk
  • Bright Eyes — Mike Batt
  • Walking in the Airunknown
  • Love is Like a Butterfly (from the TV series Butterflies) — unknown
  • Time to Kill — Neil Innes
  • Godfrey Daniel — Neil Innes
  • Kenny and Liza — Neil Innes
  • Vincent — Don McLean
  • Something's Got a Hold of my Heart — Gene Pitney
  • It Must Have Been Love — Roxette