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John's Pages: Poems

Here are a few of the simple poems I have written—usually in the middle of the night—and which have occasionally even won the odd prize. Click on a button or link to read the poem.

Poem: Life Just Ain't No Fun Any More Life Just Ain't No Fun Any More (© John M Ward 1993)

Poem: My Video Recorder My Video Recorder (© John M Ward 1993)

Poem: Election Night Election Night (© John M Ward 1993)

Poem: A Fan of Twin Peaks A Fan of Twin Peaks (© John M Ward 1993)

Poem: The Lone Walker The Lone Walker (© John M Ward 1993)

Poem: In Praise of Bushy Tails In Praise of Bushy Tails (© John M Ward 1993)

The next one relates to the newsgroup ...

Poem: The Comfy Chair The Comfy Chair (© John M Ward 2001)

And this one is about my church ...

Poem: The Salvation Army The Salvation Army (© John M Ward 2002)