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John & Scooter at "Château John", in the Medway Towns of Kent
Created on 1st January 2002 and last updated on 14th May 2012

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This is John and Scooter's joint website, and even though Scooter is no longer with us I have kept his pages here as a tribute. I have to confess that I haven't been keeping this site as up-to-date since Scooter departed this Earth, as it was somewhat painful to come here, but a year has now passed and I should be able to give the site more attention in future.

There is a wide range of material here, so I have grouped it into four topic headings which you can select from either the topic buttons above or the page buttons to the left. The main (front) page of any of these can be picked from the appropriate button above—i.e. just below the banner: all main pages have these four buttons. In each of these four "topic areas", as they might be called, any specific subject can be selected from the column of buttons to the left of each page.

If all that sounds complicated, it really isn't. Go ahead and try it: you'll find this site is easy to navigate. There's even a simple guide to how everything works, right here.

As always with my sites, there are no frills that require browser plug-ins, so everything here should be readable by anyone with web access on any computer platform.

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