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In early 2001 I started a kind of "Agony Uncle" system: not so much Maggie Proops as Moggy Proops!
Anyway, the Ask Scooter service proved popular, and has received complimentary feedback such as this:
"Thanks for your wisdom and advice. Thanks to you, we have had success..."
Oscar Dude

Here are some of the questions asked and the answers I gave:

gocat.gif - 1168 bytes Have you been ... umm ... done ... umm ... treated? I have - but
I didn't get done till after puberty so I'm still a big macho cat.

Yes, John had me "done", as you put it, as soon as I had settled in with
him. He says he always does this when an untreated cat comes
to stay, unless he knows it has already been done.

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gocat.gif - 1168 bytes My name is Bentley and I am 7 years old and I am an orange tabby.
My mommy said I could write to ask you a question is this true?
My question is Is it bad manners to fall asleep while I'm eating?

Thank you,

You can certainly ask me a question.
As to your question above, I'd say: only if someone else notices. It can also be a bit
messy and one has to wash oneself yet again -- not that we mind that,
of course, but dried gravy and bits of jelly can be a bit of a bind to get out of one's fur.

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gocat.gif - 1168 bytes My name is Pooky and I don't know how old I am (maybe 12).
How do I keep my foster brother from falling asleep in my dish while I'm eating?


It's a good age, that, so make the most of it.
I'm probably a little older than you, and I am still enjoying life to the full
and intend to go on doing so for some time to come.

Now, your foster brother is falling asleep in your dish!
He shouldn't be there in the first place.
It would be best to break that habit first, I think.

Don't leave anything for him to steal, unless you really are too full to
finish it off, in which case it might be necessary to stand (sit, lie, whatever)
guard over your food until you are able to finish off what remains.

As for stopping his habit of falling asleep, I'd position myself so I can
watch him, and at the first sign of dropping off I'd clout him with a paw
(claws kept in, of course -- we want to startle him awake, not hurt him).

I feel he should soon get out of that habit.

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gocat.gif - 1168 bytes I am Spokescat for a household of 13. Our human slave, Patch,
has built and bought us lots of climbing towers and has got rid of
a lot of her own furniture to make room for them.

Our question is, How do we persuade her to get rid of her only wardrobe
as it is taking up prime tower space and we think she is being selfish
taking so long to do the right thing.
Oscar Dude

I am certain you are right about this.

Probably the best way to get rid of the wardrobe is by scratching it
until it's ruined. With 13 pair of paws (and all the claws they hold)
at your disposal, this shouldn't be too difficult, and by doing it
when Patch is out of that room—or, even better, outdoors˜it will
never be possible for her to discover the culprit,
let alone realise it was actually all of you!

You can also take turns at slipping inside the wardrobe when Patch
is busy choosing a garment (one of those strange things the humans
put over themselves) and making her worry when one of you cannot be found—this
might take a few hours of patient waiting for her to realise someone is missing,
but we can be patient when we want, can't we? This should eventually
make Patch realise that the wardrobe is a Bad Thing and must go.

Oscar then said: Thankyou for any help.

It's always my pleasure to help a fellow feline: it is my purr-pose in life.

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