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Scooter's Cat Pages: Biography

I am a small all-black Tom cat (but with some fur tending towards brown, and even a few grey hairs just starting to appear) who lives with John Ward in Chatham. We moved here in January 1997 after I had stayed at his old house for the preceding four months. Here is much better as I have cat flaps all over the place (there was only one at the old home) and the (carpeted) garage is for my nearly-exclusive use too.

John says I'm "quite a good sort" (whatever that means), but he also says that I dribble when I'm really happy, and a grumbler when I'm not being given enough attention. John and the Vet think I must be over ten years old, but I cannot confirm this as I do not understand the Human way of measuring time.

John, though, is more than fifty years old. I was there at his fiftieth year's celebration, and here is my certificate of attendance to prove it.

Scooter's Certificate from John's Fiftieth Birth Anniversary Event (Click on the image for a full-size view)

Catering here is good for me, as I enjoy not only Whiskas pouches, but also cold meats, kebabs, some cheeses, plain crisps, and my favourites: Chinese crispy aromatic duck and Guinea Fowl. We do get to share a lot of salmon (including smoked salmon), trout, pork, turkey, lamb and beef-steaks—usually at least two of these every week.

I am worshipped by all I meet, I'm also famous on the newsgroup, and am one of the early members of the Internet Cat Cult (ICC) as featured on that newsgroup.

Scooter moved on to the next life on 16th September 2002.