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These are the columns I wrote for my Master's newsletters that he sends to his family and our friends. The last Scratchings I wrote on my death-bed.
They open in a new browser window:

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Last Scratchings Last Scratchings: 16th September 2002
Scratchings for Winter 2001/2002 Winter 2001/2002
Scratchings for Summer 2001 Summer 2001
Scratchings for Winter 2000/2001 Winter 2000/2001
Scratchings for Spring 2000 Spring 2000
Scratchings for Winter 1999/2000 Winter 1999/2000
Scratchings for Summer 1999 Winter 1998/1999
Scratchings for Summer 1998 Summer 1998
Scratchings for Spring 1998 Spring 1998
Scratchings for Winter 1997/1998 Winter 1997/98
Scratchings for Autumn 1997 Autumn 1997
Scratchings for Spring 1997 Spring 1997
Scratchings for Winter 1996/1997 Winter 1996/97