The Internet Cat Cult (ICC)

Logo of the Internet Cat Cult

The Internet Cat Cult (ICC) was devised by Mark Dunne, also known as "MarkWCats", on the Newsgroup and it runs a mailing list with general "cat chat" and occasional newsletters. Scooter is a "founder member" of the ICC and has contributed his "Scratchings" from this very Web site for inclusion in the ICC newsletters.

The ongoing war on the newsgroup between cats and hamsters appears to be coming out on the side of the cats. Partly to symbolise this imminent victory, the official ICC logo (above) depicts a cat gloating over a hamster kebab-ed on a stick.

Even so, there are pretenders to the throne (e.g. geese and wildebeest) though these groups seem to have realised that the cats reign supreme, and the geese have already made placating moves to the cats.

If you too believe that cats are gods or at least the ultimate creatures, why not join the ICC and communicate with like-minded individuals? It's not as far-fetched or extreme as you might think from reading the foregoing(!)

Look at: the Internet Cat Cult's Web-site for further information about the ICC.