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About This Website

These pages were lovingly hand-crafted on my superb Four-slice Acorn RiscPC Acorn RiscPC computer

This website was created using HTMLEdit, WebGif2, ArtWorks, Paint, Draw & Zap on an Acorn RiscPC/SA running RISC OS 4. There is nothing flashy (apart from a very few animated graphics around the site) here, just clean design in hand-crafted HTML. There is no Java, no JavaScript, no Flash, no frames, no tunes playing in the background—just a wide range of good content.

It started off back in 1998 as a very simple site containing no more than Scooter's and my biographies and a few photographs of Scooter and the house and garden. During the following three years so much was added—one section at a time, and more photos—that it eventually became cumbersome and needed a lot of vertical scrolling for those with only a small browser display area.

This resulted in the wholesale revamp of the site and the launch of this on 1st January 2002. The changes to all main pages—topic buttons just below the banner, slimline page buttons down the left side, and a "go to top of page" facility on the longer pages—all aid navigation of the new site.

As always, the clearest results will be had on a system with full text anti-aliasing. To date, only RISC OS-based computers such as those offered by Acorn, RiscStation, Micro Digital, Castle, Millipede, Cerilica and certain set-top boxes have this capability, short of full-blown graphic workstations such as those produced by Silicon Graphics.
Inferior systems, such as the so-called font smoothing found on Windows 95 (with Plus add-on) and its successors will produce their usual (barely adequate!) results.

On a different topic, over the years I have designed several banners for the front (home) page of this website. Here is a page of the banners, including the currently-used ones.

Other Websites

These are links to websites I have produced, a some of which are hosted on this site and the others are elsewhere:

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