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Hi, welcome to my page, I’m John and I spend several hours a week on this blog, developing and growing it to promote my cause, which is the importance of the environment. It is always there for me, when I get bored or when an idea comes to my mind or a subject is close to my heart. It is also there to make me remember my thoughts, travels, the good moments, the emotions captured in my photos. But beware, this blog is not about my whole life. I don’t write about my personal opinions but merely suggest some ideas.

I will mostly be writing about home and garden design, sustainable technology, and saving money, so if these are some of the things that you are also interested in, then carry on reading and navigate through my blog.

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tropical fruit trees can be protected by keeping them watered and providing nutrient rich soil and mulch. It is also important to use a tarpaulin to protect tropical fruit trees from frost, diseases, and pests. Let’s learn more about protecting tropical fruit trees.

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