How to Brighten Up a Bedroom for When Morning Comes

Focussing on just one room, or room type within our house, we will always be trying to think about how we can make it somewhere desirable to spend more of our time. This is whether as an adult or a child, to think about them too. We are, of course, talking about the bedroom. Adults will often use it for more than sleeping, and children for private space activities such as homework, watching their kind of TV, playing music, and gaming. So, in total, our family will spend a lot of time inside this room.

So, let us make our way upstairs to the bedroom early and before it is even dark to decide on how best we can improve this space in terms of its décor and a lot more besides.


LED Neon Lighting

Improving the lighting within a bedroom does not just have to be about the lamp on our bedside cabinet that we switch on when it is a dark winter morning, or the single spotlight or three above our head that we switch on at night, it can be about illuminating our wall any time of the day or night to create atmosphere. For instance, available to buy are now LED lights made up into a sign that will replicate the neon lights we see down the Vegas Strip or featured in movies.

For some ideas for an adult master bedroom, we could have the illuminated love heart of passion on one wall to encourage us into bed and an inspirational quotation on the other to encourage us out of it. This quotation could be something that would brighten up our morning as we read it, once our partner had switched it on. Inspirational quotations can be a motto that we always follow as a work ethic. The beauty of these light-up signs is that they can often be customized to a customer’s requirements. So, anything is possible in a script.

With a children’s bedroom, if you have a gamer or movie buff in the family, you might look to consider characters from the gaming world or movies for a light-up sign. Your children will love these. So, you could make them a birthday or Christmas present, as well as improving the look of their room that needs renewing. Also, of course, as children get older they want different things, which may prompt you to go for an alternative look when designing their private space. Large light-up symbols and scripts certainly create that.

It is usually best to consult older children about what they want in terms of lighting, whereas you might surprise younger ones.

Lighter Curtains

Many people like to use blackout curtains in their bedroom to block out street lights and headlights, but the problem with this is that it also blocks out the morning sun, which helps to wake you up on time. Luckily, you can get lighter fabrics that let a certain amount of light in but still provide a good level of privacy at night. These ready made curtains in the uk, for example, are perfect for any bedroom, no matter how much light you want to let in or keep out. If you struggle to wake up in the morning, hopefully, lighter curtains will help you to get up without feeling groggy or dazed.

Wall Colours to Reflect Mood

We should consider here just what mood or emotion it is that we want to create in a bedroom when considering repainting the walls to refresh them.

With children, we tend to go all stereotypical and so would consider blue for a boy and perhaps more pastoral colours for a girl. However, when it comes to an adult bedroom we have to satisfy both genders sharing it. This is fine if you want red as a colour of passion because you will presumably both feel the same, but when it comes to other colours you might have to compromise and go for a neutral colour to suit both. So, perhaps orange, green, or neutral grey might suit.

To enhance plain colours, stickers and posters can be added to walls. Children may well do that anyway. Star stickers are popular. Themed wallpapers can be purchased that show cartoon characters for younger children.


Carpets to Please

The bedroom will be the one place where you desire a soft carpet. It does not have to be as hard-wearing as your lounge, so you should be able to pick up the carpet for less. Alternatively, you could go with a selection of rugs instead of carpet because it is not like everyone it is going to be seeing inside your bedroom unless you show them.

Thinking about colour with regards to carpets, the colours considered ideal for a bedroom are grey, tan, or brown. They represent a safe option because they will work with any wall colour you choose. After all, you do not want to have to keep replacing your carpets when that would work out more expensive than wall colour changes.

It is recommended that you avoid carpets that are very light in colour such as white or beige because they are not going to hide dirt as well as the darker carpets will. This is not an excuse not to clean inside your bedroom because several pounds of soil and skin flakes will collect in and under carpets each year, but it may be the last place you clean when visitors are expected. As long as you attend to cleaning your bedroom fairly frequently. Particularly if anyone suffers from dust allergies.


So, brighten up your bedroom with lighting that is different from the ordinary, wall colours that reflect a certain mood, and carpets that are not too light.

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