Welcome to my About Page

Hi, I’m John just an Englishman from Hertford who is interested in all things green.

After completing my degree in Geography from University I have become an environmental consultant with a keen interest to save the world from the effects of Global Warming! Obviously, this is my passion but this blog is not aimed to preach but as a bit of fun for me to spread some of my tips and advice on how we can all help the environment together. I’m also going to give some helpful posts about home and garden design as well as money-saving tips.  

More About Me...

– I was born in England but I am also half French due to my mum being from France                           

– I am a huge fan of star wars, absolute geek for it, I think I watch it every other week

– My favorite animal is a giraffe, from an evolutionary standpoint they are so fascinating

– I love dogs and I have two german shepherds called ‘Suzie’ and ‘Bucky’ they are brother and sister and I’ve had them since they were pups

I really hope that you enjoy reading and use anything you learn to help save the planet! We can all do something no matter how small that will make a huge impact on the world in the future!