How A VPN Can Help You Save Money

VPNs are a great way to hide your browsing habits and identity online, and they’re an even better way to hide your financial details. By routing your internet connection through another server, a VPN will help you to hide your internet activity from your ISP and ensure your traffic is encrypted. While most VPNs will […]

Saving Money During the Pandemic

As it turns out, there is at least one person who believes the coming flu pandemic will prove to be a money-making opportunity. Known as the “Flu Biz Guru,” this person believes the epidemic will bring a surge in flu vaccinations and a corresponding boost in flu medicine demand. Plus, he believes an emerging group […]

Defining Your Aesthetic for Your Home

Aesthetics are different for every home. A home is not defined by its architecture or fixtures but by its owner’s personality. Some homes are meek and quiet, while others are loud and boastful. Some homes are calm and collected, while others are brash and self-assured. Some homes are elegant and refined, and some are messy […]